The emergency loans for bad credit are ideal for taking care of your immediate cash needs. Your poor credit report will not make the lenders automatically reject your application. The lenders will process your application even if you have had credit issues such as arrears etc in the past as long as your current income is sufficient to make the repayments.


Our lenders will conduct credit checks on your application. Moreover, it is not necessary to be a property owner to avail the loans because these are unsecured in nature. Therefore, you will be able to borrow the cash even if you are living as a tenant.

With the short term loans, you will be able to handle your urgent and short term cash needs satisfactorily. Once your application is approved and the money is in your account, you can spend it as per your discretion.

You will also not have to disclose to the lender or anyone the way you will spend the loan amount. It is advisable that you only spend the money for urgent and serious expenses only.

The application process for both emergency loans for bad credit and short term loans is pretty much the same. Visit the Apply Now page on our website and complete the application form.

Send to us the form by clicking the Submit button. On submission, our online software will match your application with the lenders in our network and find a suitable lender that can process your application.


Processing of your loan request will automatically begin right after the submission of the form. The matching software designed at Installment Loans will find an appropriate lender in a matter of few seconds.

We do not need you to fax or email any documents when you apply at our site. The application process at our site is completely paperless and is available 24/7. However, please note that in a very few cases, the lender might ask for documents regarding your employment.


Our website and all of its components are well protected with the latest security software. Moreover, our strict privacy policy does not allow sharing of your details with any third party except the lenders. Read about it in depth on our privacy page.

For any questions, please go to our FAQs tab. In case of more questions or suggestions, complete our Contact Us form and submit it to us.

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