I am not a property holder. Can I apply for the loans?
Yes, definitely. The loans from the lenders in our network are available in a collateral-free format. Therefore, you can apply with us at Installment Loans even if you are living as a tenant.

I am busy during the weekdays. Can I apply during weekends?
Yes, of course. We, at Installment Loans, never keep our borrowers waiting for a fast and suitable loan. You can apply any day, any time and get your application matched by our online software in just a few minutes.

Explain the application submission for your loan services like for the short term loans.
Simply open up the Apply Now page that is available on our site. Provide your details on the online application form and submit the same to us. Your form will be processed by our custom loan matching software and it will take it a few seconds to find a suitable lender that can process your application. The lender, after carrying out its processing, will make an offer to you within a few minutes.

I am bankrupt. Can I still apply for your loan services?
Yes, you can! Some lenders on our panel offer emergency loans for bad credit for poor credit scorers as long as their current ability to repay is good. However, please bear in mind that your application will be credit checked by the lenders. Bad ratings like insolvency, defaults, and bankruptcy are accepted as long as your current income to repay the loan is adequate.

I need a loan for certain personal needs. Can I apply for the short term loans ?
Yes, the lenders don't restrict the borrowers from using the loan amount as per their needs. You will not even have to disclose your expenditure plans. Use the amount as you like, but it is always prudent to borrow for serious and urgent expenses.

I need some more information on the emergency loans for bad credit. How should I get in touch with your representative?
Simply fill in the form that is available on the Contact Us page on our website and submit it online. We will respond to it immediately and offer you all information in detail.

If I apply through the online application form, will I be obligated to continue?
Not at all. You are at liberty to cancel your application whenever you wish.

How much do you charge for advancing your loan assistance?
Nothing. Our matching services are available free of cost.

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