Privacy Policy

Loan assistance through us at Installment Loans is completely safe. We have adopted highly stringent privacy policy that is dedicated to protect the identities of the borrowers.

Read on to learn about the steps that we take for securing the borrowers' database from being misused by any third party online.

Whenever our borrowers apply for our services such as emergency loans for bad credit and the Short Term Loans Low Credit, we require them to furnish their personal information to us.

We collect their names, e-mail ids, professional details, and bank account information. In order to protect this vital data from the access of unscrupulous third parties, we place the borrowers' database under strict supervision.

We use highly advanced security software and the expertise of our IT professionals for keeping a tab on the activities on our portal.

On applying for our services, our borrowers receive their personal accounts on our server. They can successfully access their accounts with unique login information. The login details include login names and secret passwords.

The login specifics are available to the respective borrowers only, and they are strictly instructed not to share them with anyone online. Hence, it is impossible for any third party to access the borrowers' accounts without their permission.

We, at Installment Loans, are absolutely against sharing, renting, or exchanging borrower's details with any third party for generating profits for the company. We value our borrowers' confidentiality.

We do part with the borrowers' particulars with our lenders for seeking the best loan deals for each case. By matching the details and requirements of the borrowers with what the lenders are offering, we locate the most suitable loan for every borrower.

We do access the borrowers' details when we make changes in our services and policies. We consider it our responsibility to inform our borrowers about every development so that they can use it to their advantage.

We do not require the visitors to our site to share their personal information with us. Hence, you are welcome to surf through our pages and learn about our services such as the Short Term Loans Low Credit and the emergency loans for bad credit anonymously.

Please understand that we use cookies on our website. Though cookies are not detrimental to your privacy, you can disable them if you find them objectionable.